Avaya Products in Schools Help Improve Learning

Avaya SchoolsChildren are growing up as fast as we can blink. They are aging just as rapidly as technology is evolving, and they know how to keep up with it. When you need to figure out how to turn your phone on silent, you can just turn to the nearest elementary school student to show you how.  If you are a teacher, you know how tedious it can be to write things out on your white board. Avaya products have been introduced in schools as another way to incorporate technology into learning, making it easier on you and entertaining the kids.

Avaya Fabric Connect

Avaya has employed a network for certain schools and it has the capabilities they need because of the large bandwidth and virtualized dashboard.  This type of network is called the Avaya Fabric Connect. A benefit to having Avaya products in schools is that it has a cloud-grade network, so data will be secure, accessible, and easy to save.

Avaya School Network Case Study

A case study was done with Jefferson County schools in Kentucky, testing the Avaya Fabric Connect system. Over 100,000 students needed access to this technology, not to mention the 175 locations that this school district contained.  The benefits that came out of the study were numerous. The deployment of the system took as little as one summer, it allowed students to bring their own devices (saving the school system money), and the tech team was only a phone call away to help with any issues or questions.  The students were excited to learn through digital technology and the staff was grateful of the savings over a long time span.  The largest benefit of the Avaya Fabric Connect was that it was built as an all-encompassing platform for the future to support data, VoIP, and wireless technology.

Digital learning is being embraced as technology advances. Avaya Products have become more prevalent in school systems as the demand for technology in classrooms grows.  Advanced Communication Systems works directly with Avaya and can help you implement this high grade network and communications technology in your workplace.

Advanced Communication Systems and Avaya

Avaya works with thousands of Avaya Connect Partners to give you alternative ways to access Avaya solutions through knowledgeable local providers, like Advanced Communication Systems. We have experience in every major industry sector and business size, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and can help you select the right phone system for your business.

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