Better Customer Service with Avaya

Customer Service Avaya
Customer service can make or a break a business, and bad experiences can be shared instantaneously with social media.

Customer service can make or a break a business, and bad experiences can be shared instantaneously with social media.

A recent study suggests that 70 percent of consumers expect to be treated uniquely, and 92 percent expect a company to be proactive in their engagement. To provide better customer service, a company has to throw the old playbook out the window, and find ways to improve connections with customers.

Providing Customers with Better Service

In order for a business to provide better customer service, it needs to equip its employees with the right tools. Companies like Avaya, that provide engagement solutions, help your employees effectively communicate. The new breed of business client wants a fast and easy solution, and if you don’t provide that, your competitor just gained a sale. Leaders realize that an employee can only reach expectations with the proper resources, and companies looking to maximize its customer service efforts invest in communication solutions like those provided by Avaya.

Creating a Culture of Customer Engagement

Creating a better customer service experience means being available to customers in a variety of formats. Simply having a telephone number isn’t the way to properly engage with your customers, and focusing on building custom solutions will help provide better customer service experiences. Companies need to create a custom solution center for calls, emailing and instant chatting, as well as focus on communicating on social media outlets. Without providing its customers with the right platforms, a business will quickly fall behind its competitors that are willing to adapt to the market.

Increasing Productivity with Customer Service

With the right systems in place, your customer service will far exceed your wildest expectations. Technology allows a company to be mobile, flexible and allows for easy adaptation to new trends and demands. When you keep your customers needs at the forefront of your business, you are able to provide that unique experience that your customer expects. After all, every person is different, and providing a one size fits all solution for a client will not win him or her over.

Do you have the right communication systems in place to foster the best possible customer service for your clients?

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