Should Your Business Use the Cloud for Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery—getting business phone systems back online with full data capabilities after an unplanned service disruption—is universally critical among all businesses. The Bureau of Labor states that twenty percent of businesses will endure a failure (power outage, flood, fire, natural disaster, etc.) in any given year.  15806132_s

To combat these alarming statistics, many businesses are utilizing the Cloud for their business telephone systems; not only does the cloud present an alternative for companies with limited IT resources, but it is a model perfect for disaster recovery. Disaster recovery sites stored in the cloud decreases the need for a physical data center or IT infrastructure and recourses. These benefits enable smaller companies to utilize disaster recovery options that were once found in only larger companies.

The cloud is accessed through the Internet, so before your company switches to this disaster recovery option, it is vital to understand bandwidth requirements. The right provider can help you ascertain whether or not your company currently has enough bandwidth and network capacity to redirect all users to the cloud as well as how long a cloud based restoration of operations will take in the event of a disruption.

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