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The Most Important Benefits of Virtual Call Center Software

virtual call centerMost business owners know what a call center is. A call center is typically a large group of call center executives working in a single location. What is a virtual call center though? Though only difference is the location. A virtual call center removes the large investment and resources necessary to handle a customer service team. The emergence of virtual call centers has allowed even the smallest of businesses to use call centers. Below we’ve outlined a few of the biggest benefits of virtual call centers.

Mobility and No Location Consent

Virtual call centers permit you to hire agents all over the world. This provides you with a larger talent pool, all the while ignoring distance. Another benefit of remote call center employees is that they won’t have to commute, which can play a role in reducing office stress. Self-oriented and relaxed environments tend to increase efficiency as well.

Reduced Upfront Cost

Virtual call centers cost less than traditional ones because you pay less in office rent and don’t have to invest in as much hardware. Unfortunately, traditional call centers require hosted servers, a PBX, and phone terminals.

A perceived drawback to virtual call centers is that customers will be able to tell the difference. Fortunately, this is not the case. Thanks to virtual call center technology, customers won’t be able to tell that your employees are all scattered in remote locations.


Virtual call centers are cloud based, which are better for the environment; their data centers use less wattage to provide back-up power and cooling for their data centers due to superior hardware setup. Also, as mentioned as above, your employees don’t have to burn up as much gasoline traveling to and from the office.

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5 Benefits of Cloud Communications

cloud communicationsThe cloud is often mentioned in conjunction with business phone systems. However, what is it exactly? Simply put, the cloud is a network of servers that hosted by a third party. They can are anywhere over the Internet. When you place a call utilizing cloud communications, you are accessing the Internet to place your call as opposed to a traditional landline.

Modern communications indicate that cloud communications are only going to get more prevalent. Many businesses are switching to the cloud because it offers a host of benefits that you can’t find via traditional landlines. We’ve listed some of the biggest benefits below.

No installation fees

As soon as your company makes the switch, you will begin saving money. Cloud communications are in an off-site server, and thus, installation of equipment and hardware isn’t necessary.


Cloud communications facilitate growth for small businesses. Companies who are expanding (or scaling down, for that matter) don’t need to change any hardware to add or remove extensions. The changes are all done through the internet. This also helps reduce costs—and headaches—when your company decides to expand.

No downtime losses

One of the best benefits of cloud communications is continuity. Local weather and power outages don’t affect your cloud communications. In any event, redundancy should safeguard against other causes of downtime.

Disaster recovery

As we’ve mentioned, data is stored off-site. Thus, disaster recovery is simple. If you have any issues with the physical desk phone or hardware, you shouldn’t lose any data.


Cloud Communications are also simpler to use. It is a more streamlined system for your employees and permits them to focus on their work instead of their phone.

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Caution: Your Business Is Losing Money By Not Using Cloud Based Business Phone Systems

41468387_sInvesting in a cloud based business phone system is one of the smartest decisions a small business could make. Starting at a low monthly fee, you can get a virtual system that requires little space, empowers the business phone system you already have, rejuvenates your business identity, and even increases incoming calls.

Shrink the Cost of Office Equipment                              

Starting a small business can be a costly endeavor, especially once you factor in the plethora of office equipment you’ll need. If you don’t invest in a cloud based system, you will need to spend money on:

  • Complex phones
  • Faxes
  • Software for contact management
  • Salaries for customer services representatives

By eliminating these expenditures, you can focus on growing your business, all the while keeping up with technological advancements.

Increase Inbound Calls

By investing in a cloud based business phone system, you ensure that you growth potential is unlimited. With a cloud based system, you can add unlimited extensions. Furthermore, you can get a local number for your business. Studies have shown that local numbers increase the odds of a customer calling your business.

Eliminate the Startup Image

Oftentimes, your first impression with a potential client is through your business phone system. All businesses should be able to transfer calls, place clients on hold, and ensure that the phone is answered during business hours. A cloud based system will make it possible to do all that and more.

Is Your Phone System Ready for Remote Employees?


Imagine for a moment that you are a sales manager at a rapidly expanding company and you’ve been tasked with assembling a remote team of fifty sales reps…

Your company is located out of Washington D.C., but the majority of your reps will mainly work from a home office. Much of their time will be spent on the phone, either calling prospective customers or following up with existing clients. Most of them can use their smartphones on the go.  However, business calls are ideally conducted on a private line to ensure reliable call quality. 

The problem is that it is nearly unfeasible to set up and maintain private business phone systems in each of the reps home offices. With a traditional business phone system lacking VoIP, there are many complex steps to ensure that your remote workers are connected to the company’s internal network:

  • Purchase expensive phones for all of the employees
  • Do circuit work to guarantee that your company’s system can handle the additional call load
  • Perform the necessary regular maintenance on each of the off-site business phones

Cloud-based VoIP technology has solved many of these challenges. A cloud-based VoIP business phone system has made setting up a remote worker as easy as connecting a phone to the Internet and downloading certain software. There are no other setups or maintenance schedules and employees can now enjoy the conveniences of a home office without suffering the inconveniences of being out of the office.

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