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Benefits of an Auto Attendant

auto attendantAlmost every business owner has a business phone system. However, many of them, in spite of the benefits, haven’t set up an auto attendant. An auto attendant is essentially a digital receptionist. Without the need of a human, it can automatically route calls to different lines.

Odds are you’ve encountered one in your personal life. Messages like, “Thank you for calling XYZ. If you know your party’s extension, you may dial it at any time. For sales, press one…” are auto attendants. However, if it’s not set up correctly it can drive a client or customer crazy. If it’s set up correctly though, it can have numerous benefits.

Benefits of Having an Auto Attendant

There are several benefits besides efficient call routing as well. They can provide a vital cost savings to benefit as opposed to a live receptionist. Furthermore, customers now have better access to businesses after hours. If you’re concerned about losing the ‘human touch’, it is still beneficial to have an auto attendant as a backup. If your receptionist is busy, you can use the auto attendant rather than a messaging service.

The first thing to remember about an auto attendant is that you should tailor it to your customer base. They can play different welcome greetings and can route incoming calls differently based on specific days/times of the week. For example, during non-business hours, it can inform your customers of your hours and automatically route them to a voicemail box rather than putting them into a call queue.  

An auto attendant is an efficient way for all businesses to deal with its incoming calls. It leaves your customers with a professional first impression. If you have any questions regarding business phone systems, please contact Advanced Communication Systems today at 800-750-3624. You can also follow us on Facebook.

The Five Most Important Methods for Securing Your Wireless Network

wireless networkWireless networks have been a huge leap forward in the telecommunications world. While their benefits are large, they do have one big drawback; they are one of the most vulnerable access points into your system. Unfortunately, hackers have discovered numerous ways to steal your personal information via your wireless network. The following methods are ways in which you can ensure that your information remains safe.

Customize Your Network

Many people leave their router in the default mode after they set it up. The first, and arguably most important, tip is to customize your router admin name and password. Be sure to make it complicated (i.e. using letters, numbers, and special characters). Just remember that your default username and password are public, which is why you need to customize it.

Install Updates

Always be sure to install updates. Once firmware becomes outdated, it is a vulnerable point in your wireless network. Given enough time, hackers learn how to outwit firmware, hence the frequent updates. Additionally, updated firmware provides new features and quicker Internet speed.

Install Firewalls

All routers have a built-in firewall. When setting it up, be sure to activate it. It is also a good idea to install firewall security on your laptops and desktops.

Disable WPS

The WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) could leave your network vulnerable to a hack. WPS makes it easier to pair devices to your router. While this is a great convenience, it also permits unwanted guests easier access to your network. If you turn it off, you can have greater control over who has access to your wireless network.

Use a VPN

A VPN (virtual private network) is vital to your wireless network security. VPN’s use a third-party server to protect your information in another layer. It prevents potential hackers from viewing your internet traffic and habits.

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Mitel Completes ShoreTel Acquisition – What’s Next for Mitel Partners?

Mitel partnersMitel recently announced the completion of its ShoreTel acquisition. Last July Mitel announced that they had reached a deal to acquire the company. The move was likely motivated by increased customer demand for cloud-based solutions. The newly merged corporation will be the #2 company in the Unified Communications (UC) market. However, what does this mean for current Mitel partners and customers?

A UCaaS Market Leader

In a press release, Mitel reassures their clients that the merger is one of two compatible companies. Mitel views their merger with ShoreTel as a method in which to make each company stronger. As case in point, the merged company now has the #2 market share position in the global Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) space. In their release, Mitel also made it clear that they want all Mitel partners to share in their success.

As companies around the globe seek to transform their enterprises through cloud communications, Mitel therefore is now in a better position to aide them. Mitel and Mitel partners can now better incorporate a inimitable suite of cloud solutions and applications.

What does this mean for Mitel partners?

Even with this change, Mitel partners themselves won’t have to make any alterations. With the acquisition finished, Mitel and ShoreTel plan to begin the work of integrating. Even with the change, Mitel states that their top priority is still to support and inform their partners. Their release further states that within the next ninety days their partners can expect:

  • Mitel partner programs not to change.
  • The Mitel portfolio will not change.
  • The ShoreTel portfolio will not change.

Mitel concluded their statement by saying that as information changes, their partners will be informed well in advance.

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Useful Call Transfer Tips

call transferOne of the most useful—and taken for granted—features of most business phone systems is call transfer. Call transfer is important to the general cohesion of a company. However, perhaps the most important benefit of call transfer is that you can route you customers to the appropriate department. Transferring customers effectively can drastically improve your customer satisfaction levels. The two most common types of call transfers are blind and warm transfers. Below, we’ll delve into the specifics of both.

Blind Call Transfer

A blind call transfer is when you transfer the call to a different phone or person without speaking to that person first. You merely answer the call, figure out who the customer needs to speak to, then transfer it to the proper person.

Blind transfers are great for customers seeking basic information. By using a blind transfer to send these callers onward, the customer spends less time on hold. Blind transfers are also useful when shorthanded and you require help assisting customers.

Warm Call Transfer

Warm (or Attended) call transfers occur when you need to provide information to the person you are transferring the call to. As opposed to blind transfers, you don’t simply transfer the call along and hang up. Instead, you put the customer on hold and then dial up the person you wish to transfer the customer to. Then, you can brief them on whatever issue the customer is having.

Warm call transfers are especially useful if your customers experience varied issues. They also provide higher levels of service; when the receptionist can brief the appropriate colleague on the customers’ issue, the customer doesn’t have to spend time re-explaining their problem.

Knowing how to take advantage of call transfer can improve the general cohesion of your company. At the same time, it can also improve your customer satisfaction levels. If you have any questions regarding business phone systems, please contact Advanced Communication Systems today at 800-750-3624. You can also follow us on Facebook.

Improving Employee Satisfaction and Productivity with the JABRA GN1900 Headset

Are you looking for an office technology that can improve both employee satisfaction and productivity? Well, the answer is quite simple: utilize the JABRA GN1900 Headset

Really, a headset?

Yes! If your business operates a call center or relies heavily on inbound and outbound calls, the quality of your telephone headsets is crucial to your company’s smooth, efficient operation and, ultimately, its success. Other benefits of the JABRA GN1900 Headset include:

•      A quality headset reduces communication errors

•      Reduces shipping and inventory costs

•      Increases customer satisfaction

•      Improves transmission quality

•      Improves call completion rates

•     Reduces average hold time

•      Virtually eliminates expensive callbacks

•      Ensures that complaints are handled quickly and efficiently

•      Provides the image of a first-class operation that cares about its customers

•      The quality of the headset eliminates frustration and discomfort for your employees

•      Improves employee productivity and morale

The Jabra GN1900 Series delivers professional performance and exceptional value. It’s the cost-effective headset investment decision that doesn’t compromise on quality. Designed for contact center use, the Jabra GN1900 Series increases agent productivity and performance. Its noise canceling microphone ensures that background noise from your work environment won’t be transmitted to your customers’ ears.

The Jabra GN1900 Series is available in both mono and duo and its multiple adjustment points make it truly adaptable to individual preferences. Its headband wearing style combined with a lightweight design ensures all-day comfort – even in very telephone-intensive environments.

Features of the JABRA GN1900 Headset

•      Optimized for the cost-conscious contact center

•      Lightweight, sturdy design and professional quality

•      Noise-canceling microphone for noisy environments

•      GN1216 Adapter Required

•      1 Year Warranty

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