Telecommuting: The Benefits of working from Home

Working from HomeTelecommuting: it can be one of the most beneficial things you ever allow as an employer. In one of our previous blogs, “Avaya IP Office, Telecommuters & Virtual Offices, Powering a Small Business,” we outlined the many benefits of working from home:

  1. Telecommuters do not have to worry about long commutes or traffic, allowing them to be much more productive throughout the day.
  2. Telecommuters are not confined to a 9-5 work schedule, allowing employees to better balance work and home.
  3. When an employee works remotely, you do not have to worry about housing this employee, providing a computer, desk, and other essential items. This helps saves money.
  4. Most importantly, telecommuting allows employers to hire top talent from around the globe. This also helps you retain the talent you have.

Of course, there are drawbacks to telecommuting, as well. Telecommuters often feel disconnected. It is hard to feel as if you are part of a team when you are cut off from the rest of the workforce. This is the biggest hurdle that you, as an employer, will need to deal with. But how?

The Answer: Technology!

Unified Communications tools, like Avaya Aura can extend unified phone and data services to home workers. Furthermore, Avaya one-X Mobile app allows telecommuters to easily turn call forwarding and simul-ring on and off, set presence so co-workers know whether to ping employees by IM, phone or e-mail, and more. Finally, Scopia Mobile or Avaya Flare Experience provide the high-quality video conferencing technology you need to keep your telecommuting employees engaged while working from home.

If you would like to learn more about what Avaya can do for your business, contact Advanced Communication Systems (ACS) today. ACS is an n authorized Avaya dealer. We give you more options for voice and communication technology and solutions than any other provider. This allows ACS to custom tailor a communications network to meet your needs today and well into the future.

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Telecommuting Used To Suck. Today’s Technology Makes It Awesome.

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