How to Determine if a Cloud-Based Business Phone System is Right for Your Business

cloud-basedRegardless of your specific business phone system requirements, it should be versatile enough to handle your needs. If your present system is lacking, you should consider the following benefits of a cloud-based system.


Cloud-based systems offer web-based customer portals, thereby allowing them greater efficiency than many older systems. You can also add additional features as your business grows and your needs increase. For example, you can add call queues which help you manage the volume of incoming calls.

Full Integration

Cloud-based systems have better connectivity, which is great for employees who are often on the move. Furthermore, cloud-based tools permit better consistency in productivity by integrating your email, voice and video conferencing, and customer relationship tools.


As mentioned above, as your business grows and changes, your phone system must also adapt. Cloud-based solutions allow you to scale your system up or down without the headache. If you are opening new offices or adding additional employees, you can easily add extensions.

Enhanced Control

Cloud-based solutions aren’t located on a specific piece of hardware at a single location. The advantage of this is that your employees will have access to all of their features regardless to where they are. This is especially advantageous to small businesses, because they can operate as if they were larger corporations.


Cloud-based systems are less expensive when compared to different business phone systems choices.

Improved Customer Service

Your customers will love you for switching to the cloud; they will always receive a quick response thanks to features like the auto attendant and the virtual receptionist. The aforementioned features help direct calls to the appropriate employee. You can also create unique greetings for each employee.

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