Is Your Phone System Ready for Remote Employees?


Imagine for a moment that you are a sales manager at a rapidly expanding company and you’ve been tasked with assembling a remote team of fifty sales reps…

Your company is located out of Washington D.C., but the majority of your reps will mainly work from a home office. Much of their time will be spent on the phone, either calling prospective customers or following up with existing clients. Most of them can use their smartphones on the go.  However, business calls are ideally conducted on a private line to ensure reliable call quality. 

The problem is that it is nearly unfeasible to set up and maintain private business phone systems in each of the reps home offices. With a traditional business phone system lacking VoIP, there are many complex steps to ensure that your remote workers are connected to the company’s internal network:

  • Purchase expensive phones for all of the employees
  • Do circuit work to guarantee that your company’s system can handle the additional call load
  • Perform the necessary regular maintenance on each of the off-site business phones

Cloud-based VoIP technology has solved many of these challenges. A cloud-based VoIP business phone system has made setting up a remote worker as easy as connecting a phone to the Internet and downloading certain software. There are no other setups or maintenance schedules and employees can now enjoy the conveniences of a home office without suffering the inconveniences of being out of the office.

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