Mitel Expands with Acquiring Toshiba UC Assets

Mitel seems to be focusing their vision for growth on something new all of the time. By acquiring numerous UC vendors, Mitel hopes to scale up their presence enough to make Microsoft and Cisco worry.

Mircosoft and Cisco, despite the plenty of smaller UC companies in the marketplace, hold something of a duopoly. If Mitel continues on this track however, they could create something large enough to take on Microsfot and Cisco.

When Rich McBee became their CEO, Mitel purchased Aastra, prairieFyre, and a range of other technology tuck-ins. However, recently, Mitel announced that they had a “Memorandum of Understanding” to transfer the UC assets to their holding, from the Toshiba Corporation, who earlier this year 2017 alarmed its proponents by stating that it would be officially leaving the UC market.

Toshiba had been slipping in the industry, but it was still an alarming choice since the company has about a 3% market share in the U.S., as well as a 4% share in Canada.

Because the majority of Toshiba’s business is retail-based (a familiar area for Mitel), the brand should be able to take its know-how selling UC to its own customer base to drive a greater range of products to Toshiba’s customer base.