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How to Boost Concentration During Business Phone Calls and Conferences

Business Phone Calls and ConferencesThere have been many transformations to the business phone system in the past ten years, and we’ve greatly altered the way we communicate with clients and customers. With that said, one of the most effective communication tools is still the phone call or conference call. Unfortunately, some of today’s technology prevents calls from being as effective as they could be and reduces concentration during Business Phone calls and conferences. 

For example, employees frequently bypass their desk phone in favor of their mobile phone. Despite employees comfortable relationship with mobile phones, they aren’t exactly the best way to handle large call volumes. For one thing, mobiles have limited battery life and it is not atypical for an employee to miss a call due to a dead battery.

However, the biggest problem with an over reliance on mobile phones is erratic signal strength. This particular problem multiplies in a busy office setting when numerous devices are attempting to connect to a limited capacity cell.

This is where the desk phone comes in; after all, there’s nothing worse than dropping off  due to poor coverage or a dying battery during an important call. With a desk phone, this problem is nonexistent. Desk phones also tend to have much better call quality.

Which brings me to my point: is there a variation in concentration levels when comparing desk phones to mobile phones? If employees are using a mobile phone that has poor call quality, inconsistent cell coverage, and poor battery life, are they going to become disengaged and frustrated?

The best way to solve the aforementioned issues is to invest in an advanced business telephone system. With a great business telephone system, you can marry the ease of a mobile phone with the sophistication of a business telephone system. A great phone system will likely increase your concentration during Business Phone calls and conferences. Here are the things to look for when getting a business telephone system:

Latest Bluetooth technologies 

By opting for a business telephone system with an upgraded version of Bluetooth integrated, employees not only get crystal clear calls when using a Bluetooth handset or headset, but they get a similar freedom that they might achieve from their mobile device.

Mobile integration 

Allows mobile calls to be received on an employ’s desk phone, in effect increasing the audio quality.

HD audio 

HD audio is among the best quality audio available. A sealed acoustic chamber is recommended for the speaker phone. Sealed acoustic chambers avoid feedback loops and stopping tiny vibrations from interfering with the audio.

Avatars integrated into the desk phone 

Viewing an actual image of the person makes the call personal and can improve the back and forth on calls.

By choosing a business telephone system with these features, employees will be a lot more attracted to their desk phones. Odds are, they will accomplish more throughout the day.

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The Pros and Cons of Desk Phones and Softphones

Desk Phones and SoftphonesThe primary types of VoIP business phones are desk phones and softphones. As you’re probably aware, desk phones are the physical phones that sit next to your computer at work. Sometimes they appear akin to and analog phone, but instead of being a landline, they are actually connected to the IP network.

Softphones, while also a type of VoIP business phone, are entirely different. They are apps that are installed on your PC or laptop. They have dialing pads not unlike a cell phone. Softphones can also have applications for your mobile devices.

Determining the best fit for your company can be tricky. Below, is a quick guide to the pros and cons of desk phones and softphones, so that your company doesn’t spend money on a phone that doesn’t work for your business.

Desk Phones

Desk phones have been entirely redeveloped since the creation of VoIP. What you might imagine when you think of a ‘traditional desk phone’ is not relevant to a VoIP desk phone.

Advantages and Disadvantages

This may go without saying, but people are used to desk phones. Even if the VoIP desk phone is entirely different than that of a landline, people are still comfortable with them. The other great thing about desk phones is that they tend to have superior call quality. Unfortunately, desk phones are more costly than softphones. Furthermore, the cost of a desk phone can increase with the more features you add to them.


A softphone isn’t truly tangible; it is a software program on your PC or smartphone. It, via the Internet, allows users to make or receive calls over that Internet connection. Softphones generally offer a very friendly user experience.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Softphones are installed quickly, because tangible equipment isn’t required. They also boast a budget friendly option to businesses. As long as a user has Internet connection, they can get or receive calls from anywhere. However, if your lose your Internet connection, or your equipment computer or smartphone crashes, you will be unable to use it. Also, if you aren’t a fan of headsets, you may not prefer using a smartphone on your computer, as you will need it to respond and listen to calls.

At the end of the day, you will have to decide which pros appeal most to you and which cons are deal breakers. As with all business phone systems, you have to determine what your company needs to fulfill its’ communication requirements.

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What Peripheral Equipment does Your Business Telephone System Require?

In some instances, peripheral equipment can make or break your business telephone system. This holds true whether you are installing a new system or merely upgrading your current business phone system; either way, you will have to consider what additional equipment your business will require to get the most use out of your system.

You are probably aware of the term ‘peripheral hardware’ in conjunction with your computer (i.e., items such as your mouse, printer, scanner, etc.). In terms of a business phone system, the most common items are things like headsets and speakers.

Just as you did when selecting your business phone system, you will have to consider what your business needs in order to best serve your clients and what type of business you are running. If your business takes a high number of calls throughout the day or employees frequently need to input data on their computers during calls, telephone headsets aren’t just a luxury, they are a necessity. Many businesses find speaker phones just as vital; speaker phones can be useful in the aforementioned scenarios, but they are also valuable during impromptu conference calls.

While headsets and speaker phones tend to be the most popular peripheral items, many businesses select cordless phones or remote IP phones, as well. Choosing the right peripherals depends entirely on your daily business needs.

Intelligent Headsets Are The Future – Avaya and Plantronics…It Just Works!

These days, everyone wants intelligence in their gadgetry; smartphones and even smart watches. Now, Avaya and Plantronics are developing smart headsets.

Plantronic headsetThe two companies have worked together for almost two decades, and now will be developing a line of headsets that will focus on two things; heightening the integration between Plantronics headsets and Avaya software, and strengthening the intelligence of the product.

In today’s world, when a customer plugs in a headset, they want seamless integration with their software. The partnership between Avaya and Plantronics is dedicated to making this expectation a reality.

Certain Plantronics headsets are designed to guarantee integration between Avaya’s Chrome-based contact center apps, like Avaya Agent for Chrome and Customer Engagement OnAvaya-Google Cloud Platform. These dual pieces of technology will no longer be separate from one another, but two pieces of a larger picture, one designed to make your business communications seamless.

Based on a report from Futuresource Consulting, the headset market is not expected to peak until 2017. According to Chris Brady, Plantronics’ senior director of strategic alliances, “There’s a growing opportunity for businesses to leverage contextual intelligence in the enterprise.”

Case in point is the Seamless Transfer Snap-In, a feature of the Avaya Engagement Assistant.

This feature merges Plantronics’ on-board sensor technology with the Avaya Engagement Development Platform middleware. The sensors can find the “wear state” of the headphones and identify whether or not the user is wearing the headphones and near a connected device. Once you consider that this technology is merged with Avaya apps, it opens up “new avenues for workplace efficiency and streamlined workflows,” Brady noted.

Brady also went on to add, “We’re looking at technology that will provide richer, deeper value to the contact center too, capabilities that will allow for both real-time action and collectable analytics.”

For consumers, a partnership between Avaya and Plantronics can only lead to more breakthroughs in headset communications.  Give ACS a call to HEAR what you’ve been missing!

Let’s HEAR it for Noise Cancellation Headsets!


Amplified headsets are usually a great asset to any company. They can prevent miscommunication between you and the caller and create a less frustrating work environment.

However, the problem with an amplified headset is that if your office is already hectic and noisy, the amplified headset will just make it harder to hear, not easier. The transmitter in the headset picks up the background noise, and the amplifier amplifies the background noise. Eventually, carrying on a conversation can become nearly impossible.

When a built in amplifier becomes more of a hindrance than a help, it’s time to order a noise cancelling headset.  Noise cancelling headsets work exceptionally in areas like factories or restaurants, but can prove vital in any office environment where space is limited and there are a lot of competing voices. With a noise cancellation headset, the person on the other end of the call won’t hear anything going on in the background, just the person speaking directly into the mic.

Just one of many choices I would recommend would be the The Jabra SUPREME UC Bluetooth mono headset.  It boasts exceptional Active Noise Cancellation technology.  Background noise is reduced, all the while delivering powerful sound through its 24mm speaker.  Wind Noise reduction technology makes calling in windy weather conditions a breeze! The Jabra SUPREME UC Bluetooth can be used with Avaya 96X1 series phones.

4 Benefits of Wireless Headsets

custmerserviceagentThe radical improvements in business phone systems have brought data and voice together in a single unified network, permitting employees to communicate with one another in new ways. However, even with this particular advancement companies were still left one handed when attempting to conduct business. Wireless headsets, which don’t require the obstacle of navigating a pesky phone cord, help bridge the physical gap between business phone systems and mouths and ears. Using a headset on a daily basis offers multiple benefits that will allow employees more activity during the day and a sense of refreshment once the work day has been concluded.

Freedom and productivity:

  • Studies have shown that utilizing a headset can improve productivity by up to 43%. Headsets free your hands so that you can work, take notes, open drawers to locate files, etc. while you’re on the phone.
  • Many customer service oriented businesses have begun to use headsets for their employees who are always on the phone. The wireless headset grants them the freedom to move their hands and look at their computer screen while they are paying attention to the customer.
  • Wireless headsets permit the additional freedom to leave your desk and move around during phone calls, currently up to 300ft from your phone. This reduces voicemail and playing phone tag, which elevates productivity.

Sound quality:

  • Headsets with noise-canceling technology use a microphone that filters out up to 75% of background sounds so that even in noisy environments callers only hear you.
  • A binaural headset covers both ears and further reduces background noise thereby boosting concentration on business phone calls.
  • Many headsets have amplifiers that allow the user to set the tone and volume of the sound. The microphone is in the perfect position to pick up the user’s voice while also not picking up on the rubbing and scratching sounds that certain facial movements can cause.

Ergonomics and posture:

  • A survey by headset maker Jabra confirmed that headsets are not only more comfortable, but that they improve the user’s health. Wireless headsets can reduce stress on the neck, shoulder, and upper back by as much as 40 percent. Not having to hold a receiver helps employees relax in their environment and focus on serving the customer’s needs.


  • Headsets also have multiple safety benefits. In the office, a cordless headset means that you have one less wire to navigate around. When you’re on a cell phone, a headset reduces the amount of radio frequency radiation that your head is exposed to. By contrast, a wired headset emits no radiation, while a Bluetooth unit emits a minute fraction of what a phone does.

As you can see there are numerous advantages to having a wireless headset.  If you do not yet have one for your office, please give Advanced Communication Systems a call, I’m sure your employees will thank you!

Invest in Headsets for a Wireless Workplace!

They say that there is no need to reinvent the wheel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some slight adjustments to it. For decades, businesses have relied on standard handheld phone sets for their office telecommunications system, not realizing that there may be a better option available. The evolution of the wireless headset has boosted the productivity and safety of companies nationwide- isn’t it time you found out why? Read on to discover more about the benefits of using wireless headsets in the office!

Wireless headsetsWhy Go Wireless? The Pros of Wireless Headsets

Wireless headsets have many unexpected advantages that make them a popular addition to the office telecommunications family. Let’s start with the most obvious of these: they are hands-free! With a headset, your hands are able to type up notes on a computer, pull an important file out of your desk drawer, or jot down a quick fact or two on a legal pad, all without disrupting the flow of your conversation. With this additional freedom, employees find that it is easier to multitask and accomplish more in a given amount of time, boosting their overall productivity. And as any business owner will tell you, there’s no such thing as too much productivity.

Wireless headsets also contribute to office safety in a major way. Without cords to get tangled up in, employees can move freely about their desk and even about the office as they carry on with their calls. Holding a phone or trying to balance a handset on your shoulder can create back and neck pain over time; wireless headsets, on the other hand, fit naturally and don’t require any crazy contortions to stay put. Because most wireless headsets come with customizable volume control, employees will also be able to adjust the sound to a level that is appropriate for their individual hearing, which can cut down on the risk of hearing damage.

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Wireless Headsets: The Communication Solution for Your Office?

When it comes to guaranteeing the highest levels of productivity from your employees, one way to go about it is by outfitting them with the best, most versatile tools. Advanced Communication Systems recognizes that these tools are not always the typical, traditional ones that might spring to mind when you think of an office environment. In order to keep your employees happy and provide them with a convenient, effective means of communication, why not try using wireless headsets?

The Benefits of Wireless Headsets in the Workplace

Unlike your standard hand-held phone, a wireless headset is far more versatile. If you are making an important phone call on a hand-held phone, you might have to shuffle around with one hand to find important documents or awkwardly catch the phone between your ear and your shoulder if you try to jot down a note. Neither of these options helps your productivity, and in the case of using your shoulder to prop up your phone, it can be downright painful! With a headset, however, your hands are both free to type up information on a computer, locate those files you were discussing, or record a message. You can also move freely around your office without getting tangled up in phone cords with a wireless headset.

Headsets do more than benefit you, they benefit the people on the other end of your phone calls. Because the microphone you are speaking into does not move or get bumped around, as a hand-held phone might, your voice is consistently coming in loud and clear, so there’s nothing that will get lost in translation over the phone lines. Instead of switching a hand-held phone back and forth between your hands when one gets tired, and subsequently cutting yourself off mid-sentence, you can have an interruption-free conversation. Wireless headsets also pick up far less background noise, meaning that your phone calls will not be polluted with office chatter.

Are wireless headsets the right communication solution for your office! Talk to Advanced Communication Systems today to choose from some of the best headset options available!

wireless headsets

Advanced Communication Systems, located in Maryland, is a national vendor of a wide variety of telecommunications products. We are here to help you select the communication system for your business.

And we have experience in every major industry sector and business size.

For more information, please contact Advanced Communication Solutions by calling 1-800-750-3624 or visit today! You can also follow Advanced Communication Systems on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ to stay up to date with all of the latest developments and news in communication systems.


The Benefits of Working with a Headset

When it comes to telemarketing, no one wants to sit there with a phone up to his or her ears for hours. Additionally, if you are working with a headset or a hands free device, it gives you more flexibility with your hands if there is a need for multitasking.

There are many different types of headsets. An ideal one should be lightweight to not put an excess strain on your shoulders. Additionally the sound quality should be good so on either end of the phone there isn’t the constant repetition of ‘what?’ And, it is also important to be able to hear and understand what the other party is saying.

A headset with a microphone will also allow the caller to understand you clearly which is also very beneficial. The Jabra GN1900 is a headset that will take your work to the next level with increased productivity and all day comfort.

At ACS, we are committed to helping your business grow. We give you more options for voice and communication technology and solutions than any other provider. Most importantly, we help you understand these technologies and even help you the solution that meets your needs and your budget restraints.

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Tips for choosing a Telephone System for your Small Business

There is no limit to the number of decisions you, as a small business owner, make on a day to day basis. And while we can’t help you will all of your tough decisions, we can help you with one: your business telephone system.

Trust the Business Communication Experts at Advanced Communication Systems

ACS gives you more options for voice and communication technology and solutions than any other provider. This allows us to custom tailor a communications network to meet your needs today and well into the future.

The Benefits of a Business Telephone System

A telephone system is a crucial part of any business. It is quite literally the line of communication between you and your customers / clients, potential customers / clients, employees, distributors, manufactures, and more! And the right telephone system can add value to your business, increasing productivity, efficiency, communication, and thus profitability.

Important Factors to Consider in your Small Business Phone System

  1. Headset Compatibility: In the business world, where convenience and efficiency are of the utmost importance, the right headset can make all the difference.
  2. Call Quality: Call quality is everything when it comes to a business phone system. Poor quality reflects poorly on your company. Still, many business owners forget to check to see if their business phone system provides excellent clarity and call capability on conference calls.
  3. VoIP Compatibility: VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is sweeping the globe, allowing businesses to use the internet system to make unlimited calls.
  4. And more!

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Our commitment to your organization encompasses your business needs now and into the future. We thoroughly analyze your requirements and devise a solution flexible enough to grow and change as your business evolves.

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