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4 Ways Cloud Phone Systems Help Healthcare Practices Stay HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA CompliantHIPAA (also known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) mandates that all kinds of healthcare practices to safeguard the privacy of the personal health information of their patients. Telephone usage also falls under HIPAA guidelines. Electronic personal health information (or ePHI) has to be safeguarded from unauthorized people. Below are four examples of how a healthcare practice can benefit from an HIPAA compliant cloud business phone system:

Provide staff with EHRs and patient information from PMS apps upon incoming calls.

Cloud phone systems are typically integrated with business CRM software so that customer information is recalled instantly. This tool saves office staff precious time when handling insurance claims or making appointments. In terms of HIPAA compliance—which states that patients must be reached only via the numbers that they have previously requested—it displays these provided numbers prominently.

Video calling can extend physician reach to underserved areas and workplaces.

Facetime and Skype are not HIPAA compliant. However, if a healthcare practice purchases a HIPAA-certified cloud business phone system that includes video calling, they can use this feature for better informed consultations.

Video calling aids and encourages use of online patient portals.

Healthcare practices can place Video calling aids in a patient’s online portal. This increases the odds that the patient will actually use it. Once the patient logs into the secure website, they can also schedule appointments, send secure messages to doctors, and view labs.

Easily retrieve voicemails and other call recordings attached to EHRs and PMRs.

Many VoIP services offer call recording, which is growing in popularity among healthcare practices. Call recording can assist in employee training and documentation of remote visits. These recordings must have encryption however, and a HIPAA-certified cloud service is the way to go.

With all of that said however, healthcare practices must remember that HIPAA-certified cloud services are only half the battle. To effectively remain HIPAA compliant, practices must also establish policy, training, and enforcement. If you have any questions regarding disaster recovery or business phone systems, please contact Advanced Communication Systems today at 800-750-3624. You can also follow us on Facebook.

Why Your Business Should be Using Call Recording

avaya lady headset skyEmploying Call Recording as a part of your business phone system is an extremely useful tool.  The one thing that all businesses have in common is their reliance on customer interaction. Even if your business boasts a quality product, customers who receive poor service will not become loyal clients. Customer interaction comes in mostly two manners: in person and over the phone. In today’s technological world, a lot of businesses serve their clients from afar and thus depend on professional phone decorum.

With call recording, owners and managers can ensure that employees are consistently presenting clients with a high standard of service. Is your company’s philosophy represented in each and every call? Are promotion and upgrades always offered? The most efficient way to maintain an excellent standard is call recording. Reviewing and improving upon phone interactions can help your business retain current clients and build a broader customer base. Call recording is even useful in allowing employees to play back calls to confirm what they had just heard.

The costs of recording your calls have drastically reduced over the past years. The two major ways are to use a physical recording device for a single phone or a hosted phone service in which you pay a small monthly fee. The hosted system is by far the better option if you have an office with multiple employees and phones.

The hosted system (or a cloud-based phone service) allows all calls to be recorded, even those answered by a cell phone. This is achieved by having a single business phone system in which data and information is stored via the cloud. Through a business phone provider, this type of service would only cost your business a few dollars a month and even save money on phone bills and equipment. The best option for a hosted system is a cloud based VoIP service which uses the Internet to provide phone service in addition to call routing. 

Call recording can be a powerful tool in expanding your business, but it is important to note that in some states you must have two party consent in order to record calls. If your state requires both parties to be aware that the call is being recording, the best strategy is to play it safe and announce that the call is being recorded for quality or accuracy purposes. Even if your state is a single party state, this announcement can actually present a sophisticated and professional image to the customer!