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Unified Communications Gives Your Employees Freedom and Efficiency!

Unified CommunicationsIf you value your business, you should consider adding a unified communications system. Simply put, a unified communications system bundles all communication functions into a single, seamless platform. As more businesses adopt this, the workforce has grown more remote and dispersed. Here are some of the great benefits.

Simple Collaboration

When a business adopts a unified communications platform, employees can collaborate as easily as if they were side by side in a conference room. Unified communications makes it possible to reach anyone or gather any information at any time. If you have multiple platforms you are sacrificing ease and utility.

Quick Time to Information

Legacy UC systems have a higher amount of human latency than today’s fast-paced business environment can abide. Employees tend to be less efficient when information is stored across numerous systems. Under UC systems,  worker’s data, contacts, applications, and other information are stored in one place. When an employee doesn’t have to toggle back and forth or search for information, they are much more efficient.

Optimizing for the Next Generation

Millennials will be nearly half of the overall workforce by the year 2020. Their communication preferences are vastly different from past generations. Younger workers typically prefer tools like live chat, video conferencing, and third party applications. Personal unified communications systems allow younger employees to utilize tools they favor as well as more traditional methods.

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Why Unified Communications is Important for your Business Phone System

18340810_sMany businesses are already knowledgeable regarding IP-telephony, including apps like Skype. Unified Communications takes this idea and advances it, making your business phone system more cost-effective and convenient.

The biggest goal of Unified Communications is to combine telephony and business data onto the same network. With UC, firms can use voice, data and video in their typical business applications, which saves and forwards entire chucks of data.

On its own, a business phone system, or Skype, isn’t that secure. Sensitive information can easily wind up in the wrong hands. To solve that, UC software encrypts data. This ensures that the only person who can read the data is the one it was meant for, regardless of the transmission method. Another benefit of UC is that employees only need one phone number and a unified inbox to keep track of all of their communications.

When addressing your organization’s collaboration technology, consider a few scenarios. For example, do your employees have to navigate through long strings of email to find an answer to a question about a project? Or do they have unified communications features like IM and presence  to find and contact a co-worker with the touch of a finger, from any device, to get answers in real time? Do they have automatic calendar reminders and mobile notifications alerting them when to follow up on projects?

The technology you choose to implement to support your employees is what will enhance their existing skill sets and strengthen their areas of weakness (i.e. forgetfulness, tardiness), helping keep them accountable.