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The 5 Most Important Aspects of VoIP Business Phone System Preparation

VoIP Business Phone System preparationVoice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has innumerable benefits, but there are a few accompanying challenges. The good news is that these challenges aren’t difficult to overcome if you prepare accordingly. We’ve listed the six most important aspects of VoIP Business Phone System preparation below.


The first thing you should determine is what kind of calls you need to make. There are a couple of different ways to make a VoIP call; from a desk phone, from a computer, or from your smartphone. Prior to making any networking decisions, you need to figure out how you are going to make calls.


Another important VoIP Business Phone System preparation is to get the correct Ethernet cables. Cat 6 cables are one of the better choices, but they may prove too costly for smaller businesses. Cat 5e cables are a more budget friendly option, and should work fine for most businesses. However, potential VoIP users should avoid older Cat 3 cables, as their capacity and compatibility is not a good fit for VoIP.

Power Supply

Next, you need to ensure that you have the appropriate power supply. Power over Ethernet (PoE) cables are the best option; they allow devices not plugged into an AC source the ability to draw power from your internet.


Like many things on this list, you need to determine if your router is able to handle the new traffic from VoIP. If your router doesn’t have Packet Per Second (PPS) capability, you should upgrade it. PPS capability provides traffic shaping and allows you to prioritize voice and video data on your network.


Software-defined firewalls are vital to VoIP Business Phone System preparation. Software-defined firewalls are designed to filter internal data traffic and packets as opposed to only data traffic.

These tips should aide you in making the proper decisions regarding your new VoIP system. If you have any questions regarding VoIP or business phone systems in general, please contact Advanced Communication Systems today at 800-750-3624. You can also follow us on Facebook.

Mitel’s Smartphone Integrated IP Desk Phones

Mitel’s 6900 Series Business Desk Phones are one of the most cost effective business telephones on the market today. Mitel also continues to drive mobile innovation for its customers. With seamless mobile integration, the Mitel 6900 series has turned the traditional business phone into a natural extension of a mobile device.  Here are just a few features that I favor.


Our world is phasing out cables. Mitel’s 6900 Series Business Phones are no exception.  With their WiFi connectivity you can be free of your desk phone! They also have integrated Bluetooth Sync for all those great smart phone connectivity features.

The 6900 series of Desk Phones even have the capability to charge their mobile devices from their desk phones. This feature erases the days of seeking out an outlet solely to maintain a cell phone charge.

Seamless Connectivity

The 6900 series of Desk Phones was designed to bridge the gap between your smart phone and your desk phone. You can share your contacts between both devices, meaning that when you’re not in the office you don’t have to worry about writing down or memorizing your colleague’s number’s. Furthermore, automatic handoff allows you to answer a call at your desk, and seamlessly continue on your smart phone if you have to leave the office.

High Resolution Displays

This series of business phones even comes with high-resolution color screens. This allows for an interactive experience, and even an executive experience. Hi-resolution displays eliminates contact lists with large amount of pixels and low screen resolutions. In my opinion, the best part of the hi-resolution display is the exclusive smartphone integration Mitel has included in the 6900 series. Moving a step beyond the standard VoIP cell phone application to maintain office connectivity, these new business phones will aid users in seamless connectivity.

More and more customers are searching better mobile and desktop integration. Physical desktop devices are clearly evolving to feature complementary functionality with mobile devices. 

Avatar-based Caller Identification

The 6900 Desk Phones also feature an avatar-based caller identification system. Now, when you receive a call, an avatar and name will pop up on the hi-res color displays, which allows the user to identify the caller much more quickly. 


Mitel 6900 Series Business Desk Phone

Mitel’s 6900 Series Business Desk Phone, boasting great new features, is proof that the desk phone isn’t a thing of the past.  The 6900 Series seamlessly blends new technology with old technology, combining everything you love about your Smartphone and your desk phone.


Dependable, Seamless Connectivity

The 6900 Series Business Desk Phone was created to bridge the gap between your smartphone and desk phone. It has features such as automatic handoff, where you answer a call at your desk and then seamless continue the call on your smart phone if you can’t stay at your desk–without having to hang up! If this sounds too good to be true, it gets better; the 6900 Series Business Desk Phone has shared access to contacts, meaning that all of the numbers on your desk phone will automatically transfer to your smartphone.

No More Wires

Mitel is moving away from wires and cables. The 6900 Series Business Phone has WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth Sync. The icing on the cake is that the 6900 Series Business Phone even lets you charge your mobile device from underneath the desk phone. No more hunting around for an available outlet!

High Resolution Displays

Mitel is committed to pushing the envelope when it comes to their products. Proving this point are the high-resolution color screens. These screens take the traditional VoIP cell phone app a step further.  Many are enthralled with the avatar-based caller identification feature. When a co-worker calls you, rather than a tiny grayscale display, you will get an avatar and a name, making it much easier to identify who is calling. Avatar-based caller identification and easier directory integration all go towards making these phones essential for the modern worker.


Customers are always looking for better mobile and desktop integration.  Mitel has shown they are more than capable of evolving with their new range of business phones that feature complementary functionality with mobile devices.