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Why a Legacy Business Phone System Could Be Hurting Your Business

legacy business phoneThe way businesses communicate is completely different than they did just a few years past. Nevertheless, many businesses cling to legacy business phone systems purchased over ten years prior. There are numerous reasons that businesses don’t make the switch, but the most obvious one is that you don’t fix something that isn’t broken. However, there are a few issues with that sort of thinking.

The biggest problem with legacy business phone systems is that they use technology and hardware that is now entirely obsolete. If your system breaks, you will have a difficult time finding parts for it because the manufacturers no longer support them. Hanging on to a legacy phone system to save some money will eventually blow a whole right through your budget.

The issue with older business phone systems goes deeper than that though; by sticking with obsolete equipment you’re limiting your business’s potential. For example, remote workers comprise much of the workforce. Legacy phone systems exclude a business from that segment of the workforce.

To put it simply, there has been a total transformation in telecommunications. If you don’t keep up with the changes, it could hurt you in the long run. With all that said, what are some of the biggest benefits of a modern business phone system?

Current Communications Equipment Costs Less

Years ago, brand-new business phone systems were often the most expensive idea companies purchased. The costliest part of that business phone was the PBX. Now, businesses have the option of buying a Virtual PBX. Virtual PBX’s allow the company to only buy the phones, drastically reducing costs.  

The other added benefit to Virtual PBXs and modern technology is the reduction in a catastrophic communications failure. If you have a hardware failure on a legacy phone, it could severely hinder your business.


As mentioned earlier, modern business phone systems erase geographic barriers and allow you to hire outside of your immediate area. It goes without saying that legacy phone systems don’t allow for remote workers—at least not practically. If you try to have employees work outside of the office (or predominantly work in the field), they could have numerous phone numbers and numerous mailboxes. Modern business phone systems make this endeavor a lot more practical and a lot less confusing.

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Keeping Remote Workers Connected While Maintaining that Human Touch

Telepad2Business has taken off and you now are enjoying multiple locations.  You installed new office phone systems which allows you to have central answering, DID’s to enable customers to reach staff directly, and voicemails are being returned in a timely manner. But what about the human touch?  What is the best method of keeping staff members connected to each other? Now that you have the technology, it’s time to put it to use.

Time Zone Differences..No Problem!

Need to leave work on time, but expecting that important call from a client from a different time zone? With many office phone systems voice messages appear in your email outbox, so even though you left work at 5 p.m, your cell phone will advise you that a new voicemail message has arrived.

Far, Far Away…

You are on the East coast and have a prospective client on the West coast but no time to fly for a face to face meeting. Web conferencing is your answer! Coordinating your office phone system and web conferencing will solve that problem, as well as giving your client that personal touch feel.  Being able to read your client’s body language has many benefits for that all important presentation as well.  Once the deal is sealed and you must coordinate a plethora of information, sharing spreadsheets and other functions will make your project run seamlessly.

Where Are You?

Are you out to lunch, conferring with a client or just unavailable? By using the desktop applications your co-workers will be able to see when you can take a call. With some applications you can call them once they return and you see the mouse move!

Mobility is great!

Most businesses have workers in the field.  What’s the best way to communicate?  Employees use their cell phone as their office phone of course!  When the receptionist calls the technician from her office phone system she just simply dials his extension #.  How easy is that?!

Communication and adding a personal touch are key to any successful business. Advanced Communication Systems is here to serve our clients and help you understand the options you have for your office phone systems. Call ACS today to see how we can help improve your communication with your team and your clients.