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Tips for Selecting the Best Business Phone System

Business Phone System SelectionSome businesses can get away with using only a smartphone, but those tend to be one man operations. Most companies need a business phone system in order to operate in an efficient and professional manner. The trick to business phone system selection for your company comes down to recognizing your needs while also factoring in your future growth and budget. Below are the best steps to take in finding the perfect business phone system for your business.

Evaluate Your Needs

The first step in selecting the best business phone system is recognizing your needs. Phone service providers will offer a variety of services, such as call forwarding, speed dialing, caller ID, 3-way calling, voice mail, call waiting, and priority ringing. It is important to understand what features would help your business increase productivity and create a more efficient, day-to-day operation.

Decide if You Need a Landline or Cloud-Based System

The two main types of business phone systems are a PBX (private branch exchange) landline phone system or a cloud-based system. Again, consider your needs when deciding which route to go; if you require multiple phone model options and multiple features, a cloud-based system is probably your best bet. Cloud-based systems also have the ability to make and receive calls from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Consider the Size & Structure Of Your Business

It goes without saying that a large business with numerous office locations will require a different business phone system than a smaller company. If you are a larger business, you may want to go with a premises-based business phone system. There are very attractive leasing options, many with 0% interest, that will make a prem-based system a very affordable option.

Check Compatibility with Other Office Equipment

The last thing a business on a budget wants to do is purchase brand new office technology when selecting a business phone system. Therefore, be sure that the business phone system you select is compatible with the various office technology that you have.

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Selecting a Business Phone System That’s Right For Your Business

9600_category_474x270It can be complicated finding the right technology for your business. There are a multitude of variables that you have to consider, and business phone technology is no different. Whether you are in the market for a sophisticated phone system or something more basic, be sure to ask yourself these questions:

  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Is the business phone system compatible with your existing equipment?
  • Does it permit three way conference calling?
  • Does the business phone system allow for expansion as your business grows?
  • Will you be able to record phone calls?
  • Does the system have an auto attendant capability, thereby allowing proper directing of inbound calls?
  • Can you create personal on-hold recordings?
  • Is it accessible from anywhere?
  • Can you use multiple phone numbers from different areas within the system?

If the phone system your business is considering isn’t capable of all this, you may need to widen your search. Remember, your business phone system is likely your company’s foremost link to customers, and it can make a vital difference when it comes to first impressions.