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Tips for Selecting the Right Ethernet Wiring System for Your Company

The technology that you select for your company doesn’t have to be permanent, but ideally you shouldn’t have to make any radical changes as you grow. The correct Ethernet wiring system is something simple to add on, but the correct Ethernet wiring system can be tricky to find! Below are some tips for selecting the right Ethernet wiring system for your company.

Do You Use PoE Devices?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices can include VoIP phone systems, WiFi, cameras, door access devices, and anything else that requires constant access to the Internet. If you are using a lot of PoE devices, the minimum you should choose is Cat 6 cable.

Do You Own Your Building?

Use Cat6 Ethernet cabling if you own your office building. If you lease your office building, you should think about the duration of your lease first. You should also consider if your network speed needs to increase or if it acceptable the way it is?

Do You Have a Manufacturing Company?

If you use a manufacturing company or an industrial facility, you need to choose Ethernet cables that are industrial grade. The outside of an Ethernet cable can be damaged working with hazardous materials.

How is Category 6 Cable Different?

The difference between Cat 6 cables and Cat 5 cables, are that Cat 6 cables are more efficient when handling large amounts of data. This means that you won’t have to waste time transmitting data multiple times or even wind up with corrupted data packets. If you use the Internet often and need to transmit large amounts of data, Cat 6 cables are almost always the better option.