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The Most Important Benefits of Virtual Call Center Software

virtual call centerMost business owners know what a call center is. A call center is typically a large group of call center executives working in a single location. What is a virtual call center though? Though only difference is the location. A virtual call center removes the large investment and resources necessary to handle a customer service team. The emergence of virtual call centers has allowed even the smallest of businesses to use call centers. Below we’ve outlined a few of the biggest benefits of virtual call centers.

Mobility and No Location Consent

Virtual call centers permit you to hire agents all over the world. This provides you with a larger talent pool, all the while ignoring distance. Another benefit of remote call center employees is that they won’t have to commute, which can play a role in reducing office stress. Self-oriented and relaxed environments tend to increase efficiency as well.

Reduced Upfront Cost

Virtual call centers cost less than traditional ones because you pay less in office rent and don’t have to invest in as much hardware. Unfortunately, traditional call centers require hosted servers, a PBX, and phone terminals.

A perceived drawback to virtual call centers is that customers will be able to tell the difference. Fortunately, this is not the case. Thanks to virtual call center technology, customers won’t be able to tell that your employees are all scattered in remote locations.


Virtual call centers are cloud based, which are better for the environment; their data centers use less wattage to provide back-up power and cooling for their data centers due to superior hardware setup. Also, as mentioned as above, your employees don’t have to burn up as much gasoline traveling to and from the office.

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A Successful Business Has to Have a Great Telephone System!

Business phones have always been necessary to a company’s success, and in today’s world they are more vital than ever. With the continued rise of smart phones and consumers being very impulsive, your business phone must be manned by knowledgeable staff members.

Incoming Calls Are the Most Valuable

Inbound callers tend to be more likely to purchase something on the spot, as opposed to someone who receives a cold call from your office. Cold calling is typically not effective, whereas warm, incoming calls have a high likelihood of closing.

Internet Users Search Differently

Mobile searchers now use smartphones and tablets, while traditional computer searching has leveled off. However, over 60% of mobile searchers are followed up with a phone call, and of those who call, 70% will purchase within one hour!

Why People Call

No matter how a potential customer finds your business, the phone is still the most convenient method of finding out more detailed information. In addition to trying to learn more about your business, a lot of people still want to deal with a real person. This is why it is vital to have someone competent and experienced answering your business phone.

How to Capitalize on Your Business Phone System

As a business owner, you should focus on your mobile website as well. Be sure to test out your mobile site for user friendliness on small devices. Also, include call-to-click technology on your site, which will encourage users who find you online to make a call to your office.

Purchasing a New Business Phone System Doesn’t Have to Put You Into Debt!

Your company desperately needs a new business phone system and you are ready to make the decision to purchase. However, are you concerned that making the leap will incur large expenses? Here are a few of our suggestions for upgrading your system without breaking the bank.

Hosted Solution

If paying as you go fits with your company’s budget, then a hosted solution might be best for you. By selecting a hosted business phone system, you pay a monthly fee for all the phones and dial tones you require. This way, you don’t have to pay upfront.


You’ve selected the perfect phone system: it features call accounting, an automated attendant, and your favorite desktop apps. But then you see the sticker price.

ACS has the ability to get you in touch with leasing companies. The leasing company will take your application and run your business credit. Your business can get a lease from anywhere between twelve to sixty months and at the end of the term you can return the equipment or purchase it outright.

Local Bank Loan

If you have a fantastic relationship with your banker, a local loan might be the way to go. By talking to your local banker, you might be able to finance a new business phone system right now and pay for it over the term that suits you best. Advanced Communication Systems can give you a parts sheet and any other information your bank’s loan officer will require.